5 Reasons Why you have to eat Empanadas at Soto’s Kitchen?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Hey Guys. My name is Aristides Soto. I am the owner of Soto's Kitchen.

Soto's Kitchen is a local business in Jacksonville Florida and it also a family owned restaurant.

I'm gonna give you Today 5 Reasons why you should eat empanadas at Soto's Kitchen.

The Reason # 1 is because our empanadas are made from the scratch. These empanadas are handmade. We make our empanadas.

The Reason # 2 is because our empanadas are made of corn. That means that they are healthier than wheat empanadas. Than means that our empanadas are crunchy. Don't you like crunchy?

Super Empanada at Soto's Kitchen

The Reason # 3 is because our empanadas are homemade. That means we make them on different flavors. Actually we got 5 different flavors. We got shredded beef. We got chicken. We got ground beef. We got fish. We got cheese. And also, listen to me, we got one limited edition because you ask for that flavor. We got sausage and cheese empanada. Can't you believe that?

The Reason # 4 is because our empanadas are the best in town. Don't you believe me? I dare you to come and try our empanadas. If you don't like our empanadas in the first bite. We will give you your money back. So you don't have nothing to loose.Come and try our empanadas. They are the best in town!

And the reason # 5 is because you are supporting a local business. Yes is a business made in Jacksonville Florida. And it is also a Family owned restaurant.

Well guys I think these are enough reasons try our empanadas. My name again is Aristides Soto. I am the owner of Soto's Kitchen. And we are located at 3809 Southside Blvd Jacksonville Florida 32216. I hope to see you soon!

Aristides Soto

Soto's Kitchen


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