5 Reasons why cheese lovers have to eat at Soto's kitchen

Hey Guys. My name is Aristides Soto. I am the owner of Soto's Kitchen.

I gonna give you today five different reasons why cheese lovers have to eat at Soto's Kitchen.

The Reason # 1 is because we have cheese empanadas. So think a moment about this crunchy and cheese. You can't miss it!!!

The Reason # 2 is because we have Tequeños. If you don't know what is a Tequeño, I will explain you. The Tequeño is a breaded cheese stick. So if you haven't try them before you are on time. They won't let you down. Remember the name TEQUEÑOS, TEQUEÑOS, Cheese Sticks.

The Reason # 3 we have sweet plantains tequeños. Lets do an exercise. Close your eyes. Think about sweet plantains. And then bite. Wow!!! Cheese inside.

We also have sweet corn tequeños. So lets do the same exercise. Close your eyes. Bite. And Cheese Inside. OMG!!!

The Reason # 4 is because we can add to any item of the menu melted cheese on the top. All you have to do is ask for it. YESSSSS CHEESE!!!!

The Reason # 5 is because we have packed Venezuelan Cheese. So if you are looking for try a different cheese we have Venezuelan Cheese for sale.

Well guys I just want to Let you know That I am also I CHEESE LOVER.

Come and try our Cheese, ups sorry our food.

You will be supporting a local business and a family own restaurant.

Well Guys my name again is Aristides Soto. I am the owner of Soto's Kitchen. We are located at 3809 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville Florida 32216.

Say CHEESE and lets go to Soto's Kitchen.

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