Soto's Kitchen Story



It all started when we first settled in Jacksonville, FL looking for the best place for our family, when we arrived we fell in love with this beautiful city.

The more we knew it, the more we wanted to share our culture with its residents, since there were Venezuelan people in a very small percentage, especially from our own city, which has its own culinary characteristics very different from the rest of the country. 

One day our daughter comes from her school very happy and excited saying that she had a new girlfriend and that she was Venezuelan, she very excitedly insisted that we visit her new friend’s house, until the day we were able to meet her friend and realize that we already knew her mom!. We were very impressed by the chance that she used to live near our house but we had not seen her for many years and met her again here in Jacksonville!, it was a very exciting meeting and that encouraged us much more to promote the idea of ​​share our culinary culture with all Jacksonville. 

Soon after, with the support of our old friend and now neighbors in the Jacksonville area, the idea begins to take its first steps, not only as an idea but with plans and firm proposals for the birth of what is today Soto’s Kitchen, our Venezuelan food restaurant where everything is made with fresh ingredients and with our deliciously original touch.

We are a Local Business, Family Owned who serve to GOD.

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JOHN 15:7

3809 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, USA