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Your Experience at Soto's Kitchen

Once you decide to go try Soto’s Kitchen. Before arriving at the place your adventure will begin. Well, this non assuming place is located in the middle of a strip mall where it doesn't seem like it was. So all your senses will be activated from the moment of your search.

When you have finally found it, get ready to live the best culinary experience of your life. As soon as you enter you will realize that it is definitely not a fancy frilly spot but it is a warm, colorful and super clean place. There is a lot of space to sit. It is perfect for groups.

You will find a walk-up counter service where they will receive you with a smile. You will see the menu on some monitors.

You don't know what the menu means? Just ask. The staff will be very happy to explain all the Spanglish menu they have. By the way if you want to practice your Spanish this is a good place to do it. Or if you want to learn some words in Spanish you can also do it.

The menu deals with many options including vegan and vegetarian options. You can even make your own dishes. Which means you eat what you really want. If you don't know what to eat, ask the staff for suggestions that they will gladly surprise you. 

Once you have decided what to order or sometimes the staff has decided for you what to order, while waiting you will enjoy a great atmosphere with TVs and music playing.

When your food is delivered you will realize that the food is the show stopper here. It is authentic fresh food. Something different. 

Are you a little nervous about what you will find? Do not worry. When you finally put the first bite in your mouth, all your worries will go away. The food is overloaded with an abundance of delicious ingredients. The flavors combined are a great experience. Do not forget to try the sauces. So Freaking Good! The sauces are orgasmic as well as the food. You will feel in heaven.

Soto’s Kitchen is a place where owners are involved in the daily operations of the restaurant. They are always looking to please you and make your experience the best.

Just Run, do not walk to Soto's and enjoy!!!

© 2020 by Soto's Kitchen

JOHN 15:7

3809 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, USA